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Pinup Girl

p>A long time ago, girls in sexy outfits would take pictures so guys had something awesome to look at in their locker at work.  Soldiers painted pinup girls on the sides of planes and bombs during wartime.  I wanted to channel some of that energy, so I got some pictures of me in this cute little outfit.  Now we have the internet, so you don’t have to paste these inside your locker.  The only difference between me and those sexy pinup girls is that you get more than 1 picture, so you can see what happens after the clothed pictures.  Check them out at Bailey Kline.

Barstool Babe

I love watching movies where some hot girl strips down on a bar or a bar stool.  I figured I’d give it a show myself and peel out of my little sweater and blue jean shorts.  I know my shorts show off a lot, but they are easy to move in.  I curled my legs up and pulled off my cute sweater and the bra that was under it.  Then it took some flexibility to take off my shorts, but I did it.  Want to see how?  Go over to Bailey Kline to watch me get nasty on a bar stool.  I’ll bet you wish there was a girl like me at your local bar when you went out for a beer.

Pearls and Cuffs

I love the combination of things that don’t seem to match.  Salty and sweet, hot and tangy, ratty jeans and a nice shirt, and masculine and feminine.  So, I took a pair of cuffs that I liked and threw on some pearls with it.  I think it gives a very sexy vintage look.  All that dressing up, and I like to take things off too.  I wondered what I’d look like in JUST the pearls and cuffs.  The photographer was game, so we started getting naughty on the way to discovery.  What do you think?  I think every accessory look better on someone naked, but that’s just my personal opinion.  I do love getting dirty for you guys, even in the name of fashion.  See the rest over at Bailey Kline.


p>What is your favorite dessert?  Chocolate lava cake, cheesecake, healthy fruits, or do you just like anything covered in whipped cream?  I’ve been covered in cream a few times in my life, but never whipped cream.  That is , until now.  I tried a few dessert ideas, covering my body in each one, then seeing how they taste.  The slippery, sticky chocolate feels so good running down my body and the whipped cream is cool and smooth.  I got so sticky, the fruit I was playing with started to cling to my body.  I got thoroughly messy!  Cleaning up is always fun too, I guess.  I do find some naughty ways to clean up too.  See how dirty I get at Bailey Kline .

Lady in Red

I was feeling super sexy the other day when my new lingerie came in, and I just knew you had to see it.  A silky bustier, stockings, and all the trimmings make for a very happy girl.  I look like a present, it’s almost a shame to unwrap me.  See all of my pretty presents at  Bailey Kline when you look at the whole gallery of these photos.

Country Girl

I wanted to do some sexy, country girl pictures for my website.  You guys are going to love watching me roll in the hay and play with my big ol’ titties.  This little teaser is just a taste of what I can give you, but the rest is at Bailey Kline .